Dear Parents/Guardians,

"By our works, we show our Faith" James 2: 16-18

Our spiritual theme for the 2014-2015 school year at Archbishop Curley Notre Dame is a call to action. The rich quote from the letter of St. James reminded early Christians that through works and actions our faith is best lived. This quote should resonate with all students here at ACND. As a Catholic school our community shows our faith by how we dress, act, study, work, serve and com-pete. These works exemplify what our faith does for us as individuals, as a Catholic community, but also what our faith does to those with whom we serve and touch in the surrounding community. Our schools have had such a rich tradition of showing our faith through our actions inside and outside the ACND community. This tradition lives on and becomes ever more important to our mission as a school.

This year we will concentrate on our works, to show the community our FAITH and continue to be a school that has a rich 61-year tradition of quality academics, advancing the scholars of tomorrow, forming championship caliber sports teams that honor sportsmanship and competitiveness, and a nur-turing soul that caters to the individual and allows them to see the needs of others around them. We are the ACND family stemming from the first students that walked into classrooms in 1953 to the students who walk into class in 2014. A school that celebrates the differences in each of us, which in turn makes for a better learning environment and better community.

We also will continue to “flip the classroom” to engender responsibility to our students in their aca-demics while nurturing a “relationship” between instructor and student to meet each students learning needs on a one to one level. This year our teachers will be involved like we never have been before, working with students in smaller groups and individually to make student’s education deeper and more meaningful. An ACND student will be empowered to strive for the best in their academic lives and allow them an opportunity unprecedented growth intellectually and personally.

In tune with our spiritual theme, how we look is very important to showing our faith and who we are. As always each student must wear proper uniform pants with a belt, we are committed to make sure all of our students look professional to be professional. Students and teachers will be very attentive to our dress code and students out of uniform will be asked to go home until dressed appropriately. As last year, uniforms must now be purchased through Lands End. Information on how to purchase is on the ACND website.

Enclosed please find the initial calendar for the year showing our major events. Please note that it is subject to change and parents should go to website for the updated monthly calendar and our monthly newsletter.

I look forward to a great year. Let us live each day so that by our works WE will show our faith.

Very Truly Yours,

Douglas Romanik