Dear ACND Family,

As we enter May, we prepare to end our school year. We prepare for a commencement, a beginning, for our seniors and eighth graders. Our seniors will begin a new chapter in their lives as college students and young adulthood; our eighth graders will be begin their role as high school students. All of us can take part of new beginnings for ourselves as well. We can always start a new chapter in our lives at any time. So we enter May and officially commemorate the new beginnings for our seniors and eighth graders, but also search our own lives for ways we can begin anew.

The Awards Assembly and the two Graduation Ceremonies, Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement, will call attention to the achievements of our students, the caring and very successful guidance of their teachers, and the warm support of their families.

At this time I would like to thank each student, teacher, coach, staff and parents whose engagement in our school has made the year better for our whole community. Students involved in athletics, Speech and Debate, Knightingales, Music of the Knight and the many other activities and clubs we offer makes a better community and a more solid school.

As we grow together as a community, we know that each year brings “new beginnings” to our personal lives and to that of the school as well. We ask that all of us in our roles in the ACND community, parents, students, teachers, coaches and administrators finish strong and prepare for the new beginnings that will make our school community strong into the future.

I ask that during the summer months we pray for our graduates, so that they may find their path.

Very Truly Yours,

Mr. Romanik
Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School