Dear Parents,

As we enter into the second half of the Lenten season we are reminded of the sacrifice Christ made for us and our salvation. We pray that we accept the invitation from God to repent and return to Him by making sacrifices of our own.

We as a school need to take the message of Lent and apply it in our own lives. Teachers and coaches can renew their commitment to educating the whole person. Administrators can refocus and revitalize the commitment to Catholic Education and making education affordable to all. Parents can find rebirth in their commitment to providing a Catholic education for their students. These extras can be seen as positive “sacrifices” and allow us to move closer to God and prepare for the joys of Easter.

We know that education is not inexpensive, but we must also commit ourselves to the knowledge that it is worth every penny. ACND will continue to train and develop our students to be moral instruments of justice in the world around them.

We started the year with the spiritual theme of showing our faith through our work in the community. Last weekend we ran our annual Hungerfest. Our community really came forward to show that faith is alive at ACND. Over 60 students fasted for 27 hours and became aware of the existence of hunger not only around the globe but around the corner in our own neighborhoods. The students worked hard and made over 4500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and 4000 lunches to distribute to the poor and hungry of Miami. This community Lenten sacrifice and action is what we are about.

May this Lenten season lead us to recognize ways that we can sacrifice in an effort to improve our relationships with God and our community.

Thank you to all of you who work so hard to assist ACND in its mission to our students; you are appreciated for your sacrifices toward Catholic education.

Mr. Douglas Romanik

Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School
305-751-8367 x. 18