Dear Parents and Friends,

The New Year gives all of us in our ACND community a chance to start new. We can look at our lives and determine where we need improvement and relish in a fresh year to make changes. Similarly, our school also must go through this process of self evaluation and improvement. This spring we will be evaluated by the Advanced ED team to determine our strengths and areas that need improvement. This process of accreditation is important for all of us. You as a stakeholder will be asked to participate in this process through questionnaires that will be disseminated in the early part of our New Year.

As the school reevaluate, so to must our stakeholders reevaluate their commitment to ACND in order to improve our community through increased parental involvement, student engagement, and financial responsibility. The school counts on you, our parents, to assist us in educating the most important ingredient in the school, the students.

We will be hosting some very important events in the January and February which need parents to be involved:

  • First, is the hosting of the High School Placement Exam on Saturday, January 24th. We need every family to talk about our school to prospective students and invite eight graders to take the placement exam at ACND.
  • Second, we will be celebrating Catholic Schools week with a number of events during the week of January 26th through January 30th. This week gives us times as a school community to reflect on the great gifts God has given our school and how much Catholic education has transformed our students and our community. Mass will be held on January 26th at 10:00 AM and our week will culminate with our international day lunch and show on Friday January 30th. We look forward to seeing our parents become involved in these activities.
  • Finally, we will be celebrating our annual Heritage day the first week in February by inviting alumni involved in communications to come home to ACND and address our current students on what Archbishop Curley High School, Notre Dame Academy and ACND have meant to them and their careers.

So at the start of this New Year, we as a community need to come together and strengthen who we are as Knights and take our Great School to the next level. Through participation and involvement our community becomes stronger and not only serves the needs of our students but also the needs of our larger community of alumni and neighbors.

Mr. Douglas Romanik

Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School
305-751-8367 x. 18