“By our works, we show our Faith” James 2: 16-18

As we enter the season of thanks and joy, we must reflect our faith and what God has provided to us in the preceding year and what has been promised through our faith. Our personal lists of thankfulness should include the opportunity to send our children to a Catholic school.

As a Catholic school ACND has many things to be thankful for. We are thankful for the opportunity to exhibit and live our faith each day in every class at ACND. We are very thankful for ACND’s ability to demonstrate and live the Gospel each moment during the school day. We are also thankful to show our faith through our work in our own community but also through the works of our students in the greater Miami community.

As a Catholic community we are thankful for our feeling of family that not only impacts today’s students but also has been the experiences of thousands of graduates who entered Notre Dame Academy, Archbishop Curley High School and ACND. Our school has always and will continue to generate the feeling of home and family to all who enter here. This legacy is one of the treasured feelings that make ACND such an important part of many lives of our students, families and graduates.

As a community that seeks excellence in all of its endeavors, we are thankful for the accomplishments of our students in the classroom, in the community and on the courts and fields.

So as participants and members of this great community of faith, be sure to be thankful for what ACND has and what we offer to all who come and participate in this dynamic community of faith.

Very Truly Yours,

Douglas Romanik