Dear Parents,

We begin this month preparing to celebrate distinguished alumni at our annual Hall of Fame Gala. Each of these graduates, has in their own way made a mark for themselves in the world and through that mark pro-claimed something special about themselves and Archbishop Curley High School, Notre Dame Academy or Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School. We as a community must look at these special alumni for inspiration of how to lead an exemplary life. We also must continue to recognize the great work that the three schools have done in the community around us. For 61 years the schools have been a leader of the community and will continue that tradition as we move forward.

April also finds us preparing for Easter and we are reminded of renewal, rebirth, redemption and resurrec-tion. We pray that the joy and peace of Easter comes to all of us in a special way.

We as a school need to take the message of Easter and apply it in our own lives. Teachers and coaches can renew their commitment to educating the whole person, Administrators can refocus and revitalize the com-mitment to Catholic Education and making education affordable to all, parents can find rebirth in their com-mitment to providing a Catholic education for their students.

We know that education is not inexpensive, but we must also commit ourselves to the knowledge that it is worth every penny. As we have for the past 61 years, ACND will continue to train and develop our students to be moral instruments of justice in the world around them.

May Easter find you with the feelings of rebirth and hope springing forth from an empty tomb, as we con-template the following quote.

The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances. ~Robert Flatt

Mr. Douglas Romanik