Dear Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Family,

As we enter the most holy of seasons, a phrase that resonates with me is to “Keep Christ in Christmas”. As the principal of the Archbishop Curley Notre Dame community it is important to me; but it should also be important to all of our school family. We must strive to remember that Christmas is about our Savior’s birth but we should also work to keep Christ in our everyday lives, throughout the whole year.

We as a society are bombarded with influences and messages that take Jesus out of the holiday and out of our everyday lives. Our students are besieged with images that attempt to convince them that what we receive, own and have is that which measures their worth, instead of who they are inside.

Archbishop Curley Notre Dame must, during this time of Advent and the whole year round, become the counter to this culture of measuring self worth through materialism and selfishness. We as a community must teach that through words and deeds we must be the change we want in the world. Our community must believe that we are Christ visible in the world not just on Christmas but every day of the year.

May the Christmas day bring peace and joy to you, your families and our world.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Mr. Douglas Romanik

Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School
305-751-8367 x. 18