Health Care

Health care systems in the Miami area are indicating a pressing need to develop the avenues that will bring qualified individuals into health care professions.

ACND has had a 53 year history of graduating students who have successfully continued their education in health care related fields and is the Alma Mater of a growing number of alumni/ae practicing in the Miami area as nurses, doctors, and health care administrators.

ACND, in partnership with neighboring universities and health facilities, has formalized the path many of its students have pursued through the years. The Health Care Career Path encompasses expanded course offerings, a sequence of supervised service and mentorship opportunities and a personalized advisement program for health care career preparation.

All students in the HCCP program will be required to complete the school's core curriculum in arts and science.

The ACND Health Care Concentration includes:

  • Individual and group advisement
  • Summer orientation and field work experiences
  • Specific science courses including biology, physics, health, physiology and two years of chemistry, with electives in environmental studies and social sciences.
  • Internship placement and supervision
  • A monthly health seminar
  • Senior thesis project

The successful graduate of the program:

  • Will have had an opportunity to clarify expectancies, develop skills, and gain firsthand experience in the company of skilled health professionals.
  • Will have developed communication competency with respect to basic medical matters in at least two languages.
  • Will have qualified for admission to the educational program most consistent with his or her educational and career goals.
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Typical HCCP Four Year Program

Religion English Mathematics Science Language / Electives Social Studies Specialization Courses
Grade 9 Relgion I English I Algebra I Biology Language I World History Latin
Grade 10 Relgion II English II Geometry Chemistry I Language II Health / P.E. Anatomy & Physiology
Grade 11 Relgion III HC English III Algebra II Physics Language III / Art US History Medical Lab
Grade 12 Relgion IV HC English IV HC Pre-Calculus or Calculus Chemistry II Elective Government & Economics HC Senior Internship

HC signifies a course with an added Health Care orientation. E.g. Religion courses in which particular attention is given to ethical and moral issues in health care; Social Studies courses which address the history and economics of health care; Literature focusing on matters of life and death. All ACND students are required to write a senior paper, some refer to it as a "thesis." Those in the HCCP will focus their paper on a specific application within the health care professions.

For more than five decades students have combined the courses and resources of Archbishop Curley Notre Dame into what recently has been formalized as the Health Care Career Path (HCCP). Throughout the United States and a number of other countries ACND alums are serving their communities as family doctors, as specialists in surgery, neurology, psychiatry, and anesthesiology, or as dentists, nurses, physician assistants, technicians and hospital administrators. In recent years approximately twenty percent of ACND graduates have chosen to pursue careers in health care.

Students benefit from the practical experience as well as the professional network of alums engaged in health care services. The current advisors for the ACND Health Care Career Path include:

  • Marion Colas-Lacombe, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Edgar Pierre, MD, UM Jackson Ryder Trauma Center
  • Fernand Russell, ACND Teacher and Nursing Specialist
  • David Smith, Chief Financial Officer, Memorial Hospital
  • James Thompson, ACND Science Chairman

Students apply for the HCCP either before or during freshman year at ACND. Those accepted to the program are assigned a faculty mentor who works with the student to define goals and then to establish a sequence of courses, certification preparations, field experiences and internships leading to the realization of these goals. Students are expected to satisfactorily complete the ACND core college preparatory program as well as a sequence of HCCP required courses, seminars, clinical experiences and internships. In preparation for the senior year internships, two summers, usually after the first and second years, are dedicated to attaining basic qualifications related to patient care. This year the intensive summer practicum will be open to incoming freshmen wishing an early entry to the HCCP.

Some of the many Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Alums serving in the health professions and maintaining contact with their Alma Mater:

  • Cathleen Charles, RN, Baptist Hospital
  • Karen Decker Godfrey, CPA Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management, Baptist Health South FL
  • Cyrus M. Jollivette, Vice President Blue Cross/Blue Shield Florida
  • Kathy Longman Kepple, RN
  • Richard A Lannon, MD Psychiatrist and Author, San Francisco, CA
  • Kimberley Lentz McKenney, MD
  • Matthew J. Muhart, Senior Vice President, Memorial Healthcare System / Chief Financial Officer, Hollywood FL
  • J.E. Piriz, Senior Vice President, Memorial Healthcare System
  • Francis Reed, MD Cardiovascular Specialist, Board Certified Nuclear Cardiologist
  • Nicholas A. Rojo. MD Palm Beach Radiology Associates
  • Teresita Gomez Sorrels, Director Memorial Cancer Institute
  • Douglas A. Stokesberry, DMD, Dental Studio Miami Shores
  • Henry Thompson FACHE, CEO Community Health Center of Richmond, NY
  • John Yao, DVM, Veterinarian, Miami