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At Archbishop Curley Notre Dame all courses are taught at a college preparatory level. Classes are differentiated in terms of difficulty of subject matter and/or course prerequisites. ACND provides students with various levels of classroom instruction including foundations, standard, honors and advanced placement offerings.

The curriculum is developed with an aim toward providing for the individual abilities of our students and creating an environment where everyone can reach his or her highest potential.

The course of studies is designed to be flexible. We do not assign our students to tracks. The same student might be assigned to classes in some subjects at the honors or advanced placement levels and at the standard level in other subjects. In this way we are able to recognize the strengths and talents of the student and help to remediate any weaknesses.

Our small classes allow the teachers to assess the needs of the students and give them individual attention. At each level of classroom instruction, our course offerings are appropriately and rigorously challenging.

Graduation Requirements

The students are required to earn the following credits in order to receive a diploma:

Subject Requirement
Theology 4 credits
English 4 credits
Science 3 credits
Mathematics 4 credits
Foreign Language 2 credits
Personal Fitness/Health 1 credit
Social Studies 3 credits
Fine Arts/Vocational Studies 1 credit
Other Courses 2 credits