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The Charism of the Christian Brothers

In 1984, the Brothers of the Congregation of Christian Brothers arrived at ACND. The Christian Brothers have administered the school since 1985, in fidelity to the charism and example of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.

Through the decades, ACND has been a place where young people of different cultures and ethnicities have learned to know one another in friendship as children of God. The ACND family strives to be a model of justice and harmony to South Florida, in gratitude for this gift of God.

Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America

Edmund Rice (1762-1844) founded the Congregation of Christian Brothers in 1802 in Waterford, Ireland in order to provide quality, Catholic education to the materially poor. Edmund heard God's call in the uneducated, marginalized young boys of Ireland and began to establish Catholic schools, although such institutions were illegal at the time. He took in those boys everyone else had given up on and it did not take long for him to realize that he must attend to all the needs of the boys food, clothing, and housing.

The first request that Christian Brothers come to the United States was made in October 1828 by the Archbishop of Baltimore, Maryland. Unfortunately, it had to be declined as there were not enough Brothers at the time to meet the need.

By the end of the nineteenth century, however, the Congregation's membership had grown steadily and the Brothers' work was moving on to other countries around the world. In 1876 the first Brothers arrived in Canada and founded their first site in Newfoundland. Thirty years later, in 1906, about two dozen Brothers were ministering in three Canadian communities. In that same year the Brothers' first permanent ministry was established in the United States, in New York City.

During the twentieth century, the Congregation expanded enough throughout Canada and the United States to open schools and ministries in many cities and towns. Today, some 175 Brothers serve in a wide variety of ways, according to the needs of their communities, their neighbors, and their own individual gifts.

All of the Brothers' efforts have been in response to the urgings of the Spirit. Edmund's vision was to see God in the marginalized and the poor and to enable those without a voice to be heard. The challenge for the future is to have our hearts transformed through a shared reflection on these experiences in the light of the Gospel.

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